The 5 Best Dart Shafts Reviews (2019 Update)

Darts, despite being small, come with four important parts, and one very important part of it is the shaft. The shaft contributes well to the accuracy of a throw. As such, you should carefully choose the shaft that you are going to use for your darts. Finding the best dart shafts should not be a trial-and-error process. Your choice of a shaft should be based on expert reviews. Of course, you may also have your preference for a dart shaft, but you will surely find the opinions and suggestions of experts valuable when it comes to choosing the best dart shafts on the market today.

Best Dart Shaft Review

There are myriads of brands of dart shafts today, and thus, choosing the best shaft becomes even more difficult for those who are uninitiated into the process. Hence, we have reviewed here five of the top dart shafts on the market today.

MAXMAU 9 Sets 27 pcs Aluminium Dart Shafts

The MAXMAU 9 Sets 27 pcs Aluminium Dart Shafts is a set of dart shafts considered to be one of the best shafts on the market today. The shafts of this set are made of high-quality aluminum and are durable and strong. The shafts come in three varied colors of red, black, and blue. These dart shafts belong to the medium-sized dart shafts. Their lengths range from 45mm to 48mm. They are also lightweight at 2.88 ounces.

The MAXMAU 9 Sets 27 pcs Aluminium Dart Shafts set package comes with three types of shafts: curved, smooth, and grooved. Each type comes with nine pieces. Moreover, this shaft set comes with an additional 27 anti-slip rubber O-rings. These O-rings keep the shaft from being loosely attached to the barrel, especially when the dart is thrown toward the board. Hence, if you are looking for the best dart shaft to buy, you can readily opt for this shaft set.

CavalierDarts 53mm(20/30/40pcs) Aluminum Medium Darts Shafts Set

The CavalierDarts Aluminum Medium Darts Shafts set is another great option when buying shafts for your darts. This dart shaft set consists of 20 medium-sized dart shafts. It also comes with 20 O-rings that are made of rubber. These dart shafts are made of aluminum and are durable enough for long use. They are perfect for steel tips and soft tips and they measure around 55mm. 

The CavalierDarts Dart Shafts set features high-quality dart shafts that come in various vibrant colors of red, blue, black, green, and purple. These shafts also have 2BA grooves and fit most dart barrels and flights. This shaft set is made by Tezoro and it comes in a plastic bag with original Tezoro Trademarks. So, if you want to buy quality shafts, you could surely opt for this shaft set.

43mm(20/30/40pcs) Aluminum Short Darts Shafts by Tezoro

The 43mm(20/30/40pcs) Aluminum Short Darts Shafts set comes with 20 pcs of short dart shafts. It also comes with 20 O-rings that keep the shaft from loosening up, especially when you throw them to the dartboard. The shafts come in four different vibrant colors of red, green, black, and blue. Each shaft has 2BA grooves and fits most dart flights and barrels perfectly.

The 43mm(20/30/40pcs) Aluminum Short Darts Shafts are short-length dart shafts measuring around 43mm. These short dart shafts are of good quality, being made by Tezoro. They are durable enough being made of quality aluminum. You would surely love to use this dart shaft set. This shaft set, however, is a bit more expensive than the two abovementioned shaft set.

Fit Shaft Carbon – Normal Spinning Dart Shafts – 4 Pack

The Fit Shaft Carbon – Normal Spinning Dart Shafts – 4 Pack is a normal spinning version of Fit Shaft. This set comes with four shafts, so you can readily replace one if any broken shaft without necessarily buying a new one. These shafts readily fit any plastic molded flight. It comes with four narrow slots for easy setup.

These shafts provide better spin and do not wobble. These shafts look great and feel great on one’s fingers. This set also comes with ample O-rings that allow you to snugly fit the shafts to the barrels. Produced by Fit Flight Cosmo Darts, this set is more expensive than the abovementioned three dart shaft sets.

Easton Carbon Aftermath 500 Raw Shafts Doz

The Easton Carbon Aftermath 500 Raw Shafts Doz is a set of durable dart shafts that come with a small diameter for more improved penetration. Its shafts are made of carbon fiber for greater durability. This shaft set basically has everything you need to keep your game on track. It also has the key features that dart players are looking for in a shaft.

Each shaft offers great penetration and flight. Its straightness tolerance is .005 +/- which means that your groupings would be tight. Each shaft also comes with pre-installed H Nock ST RPS inserts with included HP inserts. It would surely give you a superior game with increase crosswind performance.


After reviewing the abovementioned dart shafts set, we concluded that among these five best dart shaft sets, we choose the MAXMAU 9 Sets 27 pcs Aluminium Dart Shafts set as the best choice. The MAXMAU 9 Sets, of course, have been known for durability being made of high-quality aluminum. They are also medium-sized shafts, not too short, nor too long. They are also lightweight and come with curved, smooth, and grooved options. We’ve thoroughly tested these shafts and found them perfect for use by both professionals and beginners.

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